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BPO, Business Process Outsourcing Saudi Arabia


BPC is Business Process Outsourcing provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We provide "Business Process Outsourcing", which is the process of shifting an internal job process to an outside/external company. BPC helps to increase a company's flexibility and focus in core business. It will allow companies to focus on other business issues while having the details taken care of by our experts. This means that a large amount of resource and attention, which might fall on the shoulders of management professional, can be used for more important, border issues within the company. Plus, if you company is looking to expend, outsourcing is a cost -effective way to start foundations in Saudi Arabia.




Human resources Services/ Recruitment Process Outsourcing:

BPC helps clients in Consulting and advisory, Consultation on Saudi labor regulation temporary staffing; direct hires Try and Hire, Payroll services, interviewing, selection & recruiting. This means that you as an employer outsource or transfer your recruitment activities to us. BPC is fully capable of offering professional and non-skilled manpower to fulfill your requirements. BPCO acts as a company's internal recruitment function for a portion or all of its jobs. Our company manages the entire recruitment and hiring process from job profiling though the onboarding of new hire, including staff, technology, initial induction and responsibilities.


We believe that a properly managed recruitment process will improve company's time to hire, increase the quality of employees, reduction in cost and improve in compliance with Government legislations/labor laws. We provide manpower of temporary and permanent basis where we take care of all the extra paper work, keep track of records including Right to work, employee's Salaries, benefits and final dues.


Whether recruiting for specialist roles, handling volume recruitment requirements or running project based interventions such as graduate schemes, our fully tailored, flexible approach focuses on delivering organizations desired outcomes not just the work involved in the delivery.


Immigration Services:


BPC provides both corporate immigration and government Relations Services. Our services are directed to corporate clients.


Corporate immigration services:


We are applying our resources, knowledge and professional understanding to ensure you gain the most beneficial assistance. BPC provides full of services for corporate immigration services as following:


·         Visa consultation and application processing

·         Commercial/Business visit visa

·         Work visa

·         Family visa

·         Temporary work visa

·         Extension of visit visas

·         Issuance & Renewal of Residence Permits.

·         Single, Multiple and Final Exit & Re-Entry Visas


Government Relation Services (GRO):


BPC provides full of services for government relations services as following:


·         Change of Profession and transfer of sponsorship

·         Sponsorship Services

·         Consultation


Follow up with all Government agencies (passport office, labor office, ministry of foreign affairs, and ministry of interior, Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), Customs, traffic department, GOSI, ZAKAT Income Tax and all ministries.


 Employees Mobility Services:


BPC is one of the largest relocation services providers in Saudi Arabia, We help our clients to send their employees to work in Saudi Arabia (Global assignment) with wide range of services and making their employee mobility activities more effective while keeping costs low.


·         Visa and immigration services

·         School search and educational consultancy

·         Air shipment of household goods

·         Visa and immigration

·         Policy consultation

·         Home/ compound finding  

·         Language training

·         Cultural training

·         Employee benefits


Finance and Accounting services:

BPC provides finance services for: Bookkeeper and controller for each client, Invoicing, General ledger, Financial reports, Payroll service, Job costing, Accounts payable/receivable, Timesheet data entry, Purchase order tracking, Balance sheets and income statements.


Personnel Administration Support:


Say goodbye to impossible deadlines and administrative work overloads. BPC outsources solution for short- and long-term administrative support services for:


·         Preparation and Word Processing Services :

·         Writing and editing.

·         Word processing and formatting.

·         Filling application form.

·         Presentations.

·         Data entry.

·         Sending and receiving faxes.

·         Document preparation.

·         Proposal preparation.

·         Check documents.

·         Legal documents.

·         Translation Services

Employees Management Service:


·         Medical & Social Insurance.

·         Maintenance & Housekeeping of Employee Accommodation.

·         Logistical support for employees.

·         Personnel files.

·         Personnel management.

·         Employee legal documentation & government affairs

·         Family logistical & educational support.

·         Check documents.

·         Legal documents.

·         Translation Services


The documents will be diligently prepared and checked according to our perfect quality control program.


Travel Services

·         Issuance of airline tickets

·         Hotels reservation.

·         Meet & assist at the airport

·         Airport pick up.


Office Management and Transportation Support

BPC giving your business all the essential services needed to successfully run your business at minimal cost.


BPC provides full of services as following:


Furnished offices, Virtual offices, Meeting room, Reception team, Mail room team to handle all of your incoming mail and packages, serviced kitchen, Set up & layout. Interior design, furnishing & office automation, Supply all office equipment, Wi-Fi internet high speed, Telephone, Fax, Color Printer, Copy machine.

Transportation and vehicles rental service:

BPC provides a full range of services for vehicles leasing to include:


·         Long and short term vehicle leasing.

·         Daily maintenance service.

·         Professional and authorized drivers.